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Trent Bosler  (TRC Nebraska Affiliate)

  1. 13081743 10204730505497473 1063217667 nAge: 21
  2. Started Chasing: 2009 
  3. Tornados seen: 5
  4. Largest Rating Chased:EF4
  5. Closest distance: 1 mile

Ham Call Sign:  

Trent is currently 21 years old. Trent originally grew up in the area of Pilger, NE but lives on a Farm outside of Norfolk, NE....

Trent has a big passion for weather! Trent became a storm spotter in March of 2009. Trent started chasing in 2009 locally, and statewide in 2013. Trent is founder/co-founder of Northeast Nebraska Storm Chasers along with Brian and Shelly Nelson from Ponca, NE. Northeast Nebraska Storm Chasers is also a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador. Northeast Nebraska Storm Chasers is based out of Northeast Nebraska. Trent is currently obtaining his Associates of Applied Science in Information Technology at Northeast Community College, in Norfolk, NE. When Trent is not chasing he is involved with anything weather, whether it be educating the public on severe weather or attending weather events. Also when Trent's not chasing, he loves learning about weather, hanging with friends, and working on computers. Trent's ultimate goal is to teach weather safety to the public and help the NWS better warn the public via live streaming and weather reporting. Trent also has a photo featured in a book: "81 Seconds", which is about the Pilger, NE Twin Tornadoes.


Member of Northeast Nebraska Storm Shasers


  • Why do you Chase?: "To help warn the public about severe weather and also provide the NWS with valuable reports and information on storms, which in turn will help improve warning time.

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