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Carl Gott  (TRC Arkansas Affiliate)

  1. carlgAge: 25
  2. Started Chasing: 2006 
  3. Tornados seen: 30
  4. Largest Rating Chased:EF3
  5. Closest distance: 500 yds

Ham Call Sign: 

Carl is 25 years old and lives in Greenwood, AR. Carl became interested in storms at the age of 6 when the 1996 tornado hit Fort Smith, AR...

Carl began chasing in 2006. When he is not chasing storms, Carl enjoys swimming, hiking, fishing,camping, and rock climbing..


  • Why do you Chase?: "Why do you chase?: Its an exhilarating experience to see the awesome power that roams our Earth. It helps soothe the kid like curiosity that's within me. Seeing the amazing beauty of what Mother Nature can do is just an overwhelming feeling."

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