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Rodney Nonamaker  (TRC Kansas Affiliate) 

  1. 12977059 1691383294462499 2885598477297557880 oAge: 32
  2. Started Chasing: 2013 
  3. Tornados seen: 13
  4. Largest Rating Chased:EF3
  5. Closest distance: 0 yds

Ham Call Sign:  

Rodney is 32 years old, born and raised right here in tornado alley; Phillipsburg, Kansas to be exact...

Since early childhood he'd run outside during severe weather just to watch the features as the storm rolled by, not fully understanding the severity at the time. It wasn't until later, after learning here and there more about weather, till he was completely hooked. It really wasn't until after leaving the Army and moving to Hays, KS in 2008 that he really sunk into the passion. Began learning to forecast the severe weather himself to get in perfect position to witness tornadoes first hand, up close and personal. Actual chasing (outside of just chasing storms in his own county) didn't begin until 2013. Rodney's storm photography and videography has been seen on some local channels to Kansas, along with, of course, the Weather Channel, and Weather Nation, as well as ABC, CBS, and NBC. Outside of chasing he can be seen traveling far n wide enjoying the outdoors; be it: camping, fishing, kayaking, and plain ol sight seeing.


  • Why do you Chase?: "Why do you Chase?: "To witness first hand the awesome power of mother nature. I have witnessed severe flooding, been cored by a hailstorm big enough to total my car's exterior and interior, with me in it (that's a whole other story), seen large tornadoes at a safe distance, as well as drove up, got out, and walked through low end tornadoes. I'd love to witness a hurricane one day, it's on the bucket list. But, the one true reason I chase is the amazing phenomenon, the tornado!"

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