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Eric Duncan (TRC Colorado Affiliate)



  •  Age: 28
  •   Started Chasing: 2008
  •   Tornadoes Seen: 1
  •   Closest Distance: 
  •   Rating: 
  •  Eric is a TRC Affiliate chaser from Colorado. Eric has been taking a great interest in the weather from a little child.... He finally began doing what he loved in 2008 after moving from Washington State. He has only seen one tornado back in 1988 although he was a small boy has wanted to chase them since. He plans on getting a degree in meteorology as soon as he gets back from his long military deployment to Afghanistan the beginning of the year. Eric has the encouragement of his wife and his 2 children. Eric is a TRC chaser in the northern Colorado area & joined as a Affiliate in 2009

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