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Tammy Bethel  

  1. tammAge: 42
  2. Started Chasing: 1994 
  3. Tornados seen: 80+
  4. Largest Rating Chased:____
  5. Closest distance: ____

Ham Call Sign: 

Tammy is a TRC Affiliate Chaser from Texas. Tammy began to have an interest in weather at a fairly young age...After seeing several funnel clouds, and a couple of tornadoes in the DFW area,

in the early to mid 70's, her family moved to Vernon, Tx. It was there that she experienced what it was like to be "in" a tornado. Tammy can still recall everything about that day. On April 10, 1979, an F5 tornado measuring approximately 1 mile wide, tore thru Vernon and then thru Wichita Falls, leaving death and destruction in its wake. She was in 5th grade. Tammy's math teacher and her new baby were tragically killed in this storm. Thus began a passion for weather and helping people. Tammy has read every book, attended classes (storm spotter, skywarn, etc), watched videos, so on and so forth, to learn as much as she could about severe weather. Tammy also became a paramedic. She has 2 kids. Her hobbies include motorcycles, horses, guitar, singing, sports, pretty much anything outdoors. Tammy is a TRC chaser currently in the DFW area.


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