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5-10-10 Oklahoma Chase (Wakita tornadoes)




I left from Omaha, NE on Sunday evening to join up with Randy Cooper of We then headed to Wichita, KS where we stayed at a Motel 6. While we were there we hung out with chaser Scott Bennet as we waited for the updated models to come out. On Monday we decided to head south and hang out in Blackwell, OK to wait for development. While there, we ran into a few other chasers including: Roger Hill, Steve Polly, Cory Sloan, and James Skivers. Most of the morning and into around 1:00 cloud cover seemed like it would be a problem. However, it soon cleared and we were able to get storm development to our south west once the cloud cover cleared in that area. We all headed west to intercept the storm as it matured and moved into our area.

We arrived near the cell and decided to head north so we could get ahead of it and watch it come to us. A quick short lived tornado touched down as we watching from the side of the road. Only using my streaming camcorder, since my HD camcorder is out of commission, I was able to stream and record that tornado live, being careful not to pop out any cords (power cord and firewire). As the meso got closer, multiple funnels started forming close by and one directly over head, so we decided to go east on hwy 11, since vortices were starting to touchdown to prevent us to go west to get behind the storm. We ended up have to try to out run the storm. Just behind us, a multi vortex tornado dropped down on hwy 11 just as we had turned east. Trees were snapping near us and dust being blown up.

During that time I had a hard time getting my camcorder out to shoot because the power cord was stuck in the door since we hopped in the car really fast when we saw the funnel over head. After I managed to free the cord held the camcorder out the window to try to recorded and stream what I could while Randy drove away. One suction vortice formed just to the north of us in a field across the road. After the storm passed away from us, a wedge tornado was seen in the field. We decided to try to blast north east to keep up with the storm because it was still looking amazing. We saw Reed Timer had the same idea as he passed us trying to get ahead of the storm.

The storm movement ended up being to fast to keep up with so, Randy and I decided to drop to the south east to make a play on the tornadic storm just to our south. We ended up intercepting that storm in Osage County Oklahoma, where data was very bad. We did manage to see a brief thin tornado in the field. We then decided to head north of try to make a play on the next storm. However, storm weakened as it got closer. As we watched that storm go by, we ran into Shawn and his TIV. As it got dark, Randy and I decided to head back and hope to have a nice lightning show on the way back. Video and pictures have already been upload on TRC.

  • Tornadoes: 5


  • Miles: 1023
  • States: MO, KS, OK, NE
  • Hail: Half Dollar

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