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5-12-11 Bradshaw, NE Tornado

Well we didn’t anticipate much of a risk for today but kept an eye out on the weather. Seemed like if storms did fire it would be another cold core set up. Around 1:30 a tornado watch was issued followed by storm initiation. Jeff and Brian decided to head out. We blasted west toward York, NE. At that time there was a nice tornado warned storm near Grand Island, NE but heading to the North West. Our hope was that storms firing closer to us would go tornado warned as well. While we were close to York, a high based funnel was seen. Jeff reported the funnel and the storm went tornado warned shortly after. We continued to the west near Bradshaw, when we saw the high based funnel make contact with the ground. It was very weak but took on an amazing shape bending back toward the east. Soon it bent so much that the circulation was cut off and the tornado died shortly after. We continued to chase and were at one point surrounded by 3 tornado warned storms. We just had to sit and watch each direction. We saw a few more funnels but nothing else touched the ground. The storms we becoming MCS mess so we tried to get a one near Stormsburg, NE that was kind of isolated. On our way we heard the report of a tornado, but by the time we got into position, all we could see was a dying funnel. After that we blasted to the south east and intercepted a Tornado warned storm near Seward, NE. The storm quickly became part of the MCS mess and we headed back toward Omaha.

· Miles: 380

· States: NE

· Tornadoes: 1

· Hail: dime

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