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5-19-11 North Central Kansas

Jeff, Brian, and friends headed south from Omaha, NE around 8:30 am. Our original target was near Pratt, KS. We noticed storms firing to the north and to our south. So we decided to chase the north storms since they were closer to the triple point and on the way back to Omaha. The choice ended up being the correct one with storms going tornado warned. We met up with the storm near Russel, KS. The motion was insane and numerous funnels were seen. There was a ton of traffic as well due to chaser convergence. The storm then started to die and a new one develop to the south. On our way to chase that storm we noticed a fire. We went to check it out and saw it was a shed on fire due to a lightning strike. After we made sure everyone was ok and fire department was on their way, we continued to intercept the storm just north of Salina, KS. On the way there we noticed rapid inflow and a funnel began to come down. We decided to blast east to get closer but on the way we were completely blocked by trees. By the time we cleared the trees the funnel was gone. Later we learned there was a brief tornado from that but we missed it. We then continued to chase the storm till dark.

· Miles: 850

· States: NE, KS

· Tornadoes: 0

· Hail: Quarter

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