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5-23-11 & 5-24-11 Oklahoma Outbreak

Jeff and friends left Omaha, NE at 7:30am on Monday to our target of Enid, Oklahoma. On the way down, we stopped through Reading, KS to evaluate the damage where a EF3 tornado went through just 2 days before. We then continued to Enid, OK to wait for storms to fire. There in Enid, Jeff discovered internet card was acting up and would connect and disconnect every few minutes only allowing for updates here and there. We soon got an update to show storms were developing to our south west. Jeff then decided to head west. We then met up with a Severe storm to our south west and watch it as it turned tornado warned and spun a few funnels. One of the funnels we noticed to be persistent and start to near the ground. Jeff decided to blast west to get closer to the rotation that was near us. The funnel was about 3/4th to the ground but we were blocked by trees to see if there was ground circulation. Later we learned that there was indeed ground circulation so was out 1st tornado of the day which was just North West of Okeen, Oklahoma. Storms shortly after began to turn into a MCS mess. Jeff then decided to blast south to intercept a isolated cell in hopes that it would become severe or tornado warned. Jeff met up with the storm just east of Greenfeild, OK. We were then blasted with 60mph sand filled inflow. The storm looked to produce a brief spin up so we blasted toward it. We stuck with the storm until it later died, only producing a few funnels. We then headed to Stillwater to spend the night and get ready for a big day.

Tuesday we had lunch at Eskimo Joes and then blasted west for looked to be a early show. Jeff intercepted the first tornado warned storm of the day near Oakwood, OK. The storm had a nice wall cloud and we filmed it for a good while. It didn’t seem to have much rotation at the time. When the storm neared, Jeff decided to blast east on a dirt road since hwy 270 only lead to the north west away from the storm. The dirt roads were so bad and tall trees prevented any visual of the storm. Jeff was forced to go back to hwy 270 and head north west until we could reach the next east option which was hwy 51 to Canton. By the time we reached hwy 51, the storm was already to our north east and all we could see was rain. It was then we learned the was a large tornado over Canton Lake. Jeff tried to get back in position to get a visual but by the time we did, the tornado had dissipated. We stuck with the storm in a long line of chaser convergence, and it soon produced a nice rope tornado that lasted about 5 min. The storm began to die shortly after that. Jeff then decided to blast south east to intercept the tornadic cells coming out of OKC area. We were not able to make it in time to see the Guthrie tornado, but we intercepted the storm at Stillwater, OK. By then all we could see was a rain wrapped wall cloud. After the storm was done we went to Guthrie to see the extent of the damage. After that we then headed back the long drive back to Omaha, NE making it back at 4am.

· Miles: 1550

· States: KS, OK

· Hail: quarter

· Tornadoes: 2

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