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6-20-11 Bradshaw, NE Tornado

Jeff, Brian, and friends headed out of Omaha at 2:30 once Jeff was able to get out of work. We headed west on I-80 and saw the storm further to the south west and seeing numerous tornado reports on Spotter network. Hoping we didn’t miss the big show we planned to get to York, NE and see if storms would fire. We noticed a outflow boundary working its way up toward us so we decided to stop and see if storms would fire along the boundary. Sure enough storms began to fire to se headed a few miles south west to get right up on them. Shortly after we saw a brief funnel. Following the funnel a beautiful slender white funnel came about 3/4th to the ground and then noticed it briefly caused a spin up. After that we the storm got in front of us so we tried to go north and get back to I80 to head east to get back in front of the storm. Just as we were nearing the Bradshaw exit we saw the dust swirl just north of the highway. We exited and followed the storm stopping a few times to film. This was streamed live and was seen on The Weather Channel and WOWT-Omaha live. The tornado grew and became a nice stove pipe and was on the ground for at least 15 min. We tried to keep up with the tornado and then we ran into down power lines crossing the road and were unable to pass and were forced to back track. The storm end up getting away from us and once we were able to catch back up the storm lost its intensity and died. We went then to Fremont to celebrate over a dinner when we noticed half the city did not have power and then we saw many down tress. Later we found a weak tornado went through there as well.

· Tornadoes: 2

· Miles: 380

· States: NE

· Hail: Quarter

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