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3/18/2012 KS & NE chase


Jeff and Sam left Omaha around 1:30pm to head out to storm potential with the main target being around Hays, KS. We arrived in Phillipsburg, KS and noticed a CU field was developing further to the west. We caught up to some small cells that died shortly after. We then decided to wait it out see if more storms would develop along this field. More storms did start up and we followed them to McCook, NE where our storm went severe around sunset. We chased it north to Mayward, NE were it looked to be losing strength plus it was pretty dark, so we decided to head back home. The storm ended up just being in a recycling phase and went tornado warned 40 minutes later. Being too far out of the way to return, we watched the tornado reports start coming in. A tornado had hit North Platte, NE. Disappointed having left the storm too early, we continued our trip back home.


  • · Tornadoes: 0
  • · States: NE, KS
  • · Hail: dime
  • · Miles: 610



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