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5-19-10 Kingfisher and Dover Co. Oklahoma




Jeff teamed up with Randy Cooper and John Moon and headed down to Oklahoma for a high risk system. We stayed in Oklahoma City the night before and in the morning headed west to wait for development. We headed to the first cell which was exploding. It went tornado warned and there was a report of a breif tornado. When we go to the cell it seemed to be recycling. We then had to back track to the west  some due to bad roads. When we got to a good road we were about in the middle of two torando warned storms. We decided to head to the one to our southwest so it could move toward us. The cell ended up become an HP supercell. We got ahead of the storm and saw some great rotation. We saw a breif funnel that was half way to the ground but never ended up becoming a tornado. Alittle later we had a breif needle funnel as the meso crossed over the road. The storm then dropped a multi vortext tornado and just as we saw it drop we got hit by the strong rain filled RFD. A wedge tornado formed and quickly became ran wrapped. We could see the tornado had became a wedge inside the rain curtin. We followed the storm as it continued to move to the east. We noticed a nice funnel formed close to us that had some amazing rotation as it formed ahead of the rain curtin. Shortly after that, the storm becaome outflow dominate and ended up dying out.

  • Tornadoes:  3
  • Miles: 1200
  • Hail: quarter
  • States: NE,KS,OK

Video From chase

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