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3/29/12 Rockport, MO Tornadic Storm

Jeff got out of work and blasted south down 75 to get in position for already severe storms that were near Nebraska City, NE. That storm ended up being cut off from a developing storm to the south, so Jeff went south and met that storm In Rockport, MO. There Jeff met with TRC chasers Brian and Nate and we continued our chase. Jeff also ran into friend and fellow chaser Scott Bennett. We filmed the storm as it gained strength just as it was passing Rockport. The storm went tornado warned shortly after. We followed the storm to Tarkio, MO where a funnel was spotted in the dark that was lit up by lightening, which some claim there was a brief tornado. It is possible, but i have not been able to verify it by video. The storms shortly after ended up losing strength and all tornado potential. We did observe a few wall clouds as well.


  • · Miles: 140
  • · States: NE, IA, MO
  • · Hail: quarter
  • · Tornadoes: 0



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