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Grainola, OK Tornado 2-27-2011


Jeff drove down from Omaha, NE to meet up with friend and fellow chaser Randy Cooper, of On the way to our chase target we picked up Randy’s friend Jacob Honeycutt. We headed down toward Oklahoma in a very cold and foggy conditions think what are we doing. We then arrived in Wichita, and intercepted the first severe storm of the day while eating at Braum’s. The hail was about quarter size. It was encouraging to see because we had doubts about storm development because of the strength of the cap in the area. We then headed to our target west of Blackwell, OK for a play on the dry line. Clearing happened and we started to see a CU field develop in the Texas panhandle headed our way. We waited for the storm to get to us, and just when it did, it went severe. We followed it as it kept struggling to maintain its strength. As it continued to the North East it got into good air conditions and it started looking really good. Soon it became tornado warned. The storm was moving very fast and it was hard to keep up with it. Soon the tornadic storm went into Osage County which is a Indian reservation and road options were very limited. We noticed a cone funnel come down and briefly make contact with the ground, however we were not about to follow the storm due to no road options. Overall it was a good chase and I got to see my first February tornado.

  • Tornadoes: 1
  • Miles 1044
  • States: NE, IA, KS, OK
  • Hail: quarter

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