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4-3-2011 SE Iowa Storm and Lightning show

Jeff and friend Sam left Omaha shortly after one, headed to St. Joseph, MO. Jeff arrived in St. Joseph and had some lunch and watched for storm initiation. Noticing a clearing with a CU field starting to develop in north central MO / south east IA, Jeff headed out to get in position. On the way a MD came out shortly followed by a Tornado Watch, Jeff knew hemade the right call to head that way.

Just after crossing the IA border, storms started to have explosive development and quickly went severe. Jeff caught up to the tail end of the storm. It had some beautiful structure. With the storm motions and the road network in that area, Jeff was not able to keep up with the storm, so He dropped south to intercept another cell to his south west. The storm did go severe, but then shortly after became a squall line. Jeff knowing now no tornado would come out of this decided to let the storm pass over and get lightning shots. The storm did put on a great lightning show.

· Tornadoes: 0

· Miles: 645

· States: NE, MO, IA

· Hail: dime

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