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4/8/13 Eastern Colorado


Jeff & Nate left Omaha in the morning and had brunch in Salina, KS at Cozy Inn which is one of Jeff’s favorite stops for burgers. They then went to the KS/CO boarder. The guys then caught a storm southwest of Burlington, CO. This storm then went severe, but was high based for awhile. Jeff & Nate let the storm overtake them to get a timelapse of it as it approached. Hail was penny size at best. They then noticed a strong severe storm to the north and decided to go after that. Near dusk the storm went tornado warned. Low light and blowing dust made it extremely hard to see the base of the storm as it approached them. They followed the storm into Wray, CO in the dark, and then headed home as the storm weakened.

  1.   States: NE, KS, CO   
  2.   Miles: 1221
  3.   Hail: Penny 
  4.   Tornadoes: 0

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