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4/17/13 SW Oklahoma Storms & Lawton Tornado


TRC chasers, Jeff and Nate, left early Wednesday morning and met up with friend Brandon Hammons in York, NE. Together the 3 headed down to south west Oklahoma. When we arrived near Lawton the first cells were firing out west early in the day. We chased the northern one in the Wichita Mountains. We got a very low wall cloud that looked to be touching the top of one of the mountains. The storm then formed a brief horizontal funnel and then gusted out. We made the trip back to Lawton, and picked up some Whataburger. We then took off to a cell sw of Lawton that just went tornado warned. We saw a nice wall cloud with rapid rotation, but never did drop a tornado. Hoards of chasers were on this cell and it was becoming an HP cell, so we decided to drop to the southwest and get the next cell. This cell looked healthier then the last two. We got a beautiful wall cloud and a brief spin up occurred under this. We continued to follow this cell as it neared Lawton. On the southwest side of Lawton we observed a cone funnel. We got close and then RFD brought a rain curtain that blasted us with high wind and rain. A telephone pole tipped over behind us and instead of punching through the rain curtain, not knowing if the funnel became a tornado, we decided to drop south and blast east to get back in front of the storm. While getting back in position, we then observed power flashes from the same area we observed the funnel. Reports came in as a brief tornado in Ft. Sill.

  1. States: NE, KS, OK
  2. Miles: 1352
  3. Hail: Ping Pong
  4. Tornadoes: 2


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