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4-25-11 Arkansas Flash Floods

Jeff and friends drove down to Arkansas for what looked to be a decent tornado risk day. We left from Omaha, NE early around 7:30am. Made a pit stop in KC for some Chick-Fil-A and then continued toward our chase target. While we were a few hours away, storms were already forming and becoming a MCS mess. We then noticed major flooding happening as we crossed the border from MO to AR. At one point we went over a bridge where a house was floating in a flash flood. We decided to keep going with hopes to intercept tornadic cells. Trees were getting taller making visibility hard. We then entered the town of Bella Vista, AR where a major flash flood was taking place. Jeff decided to film it then hit the road. Jeff filmed a flash flood destroying a golf course. Shortly after that we decided to catch up to a tornadic cell just to our east. Roads were horrible going up and down hills with tall trees around plus flooding. The storm ended up getting away and we decided to head back to NE shortly after. Jeff vowed to never chase in AR due to the roller coaster like roads and heavy tall trees.

· States: MO, AR

· Miles : 890

· Tornadoes: 0

· Hail: quarter

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