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6-20-11 Bradshaw, NE Tornado

Jeff, Brian, and friends headed out of Omaha at 2:30 once Jeff was able to get out of work. We headed west on I-80 and saw the storm further to the south west and seeing numerous tornado reports on Spotter network. Hoping we didn’t miss the big show we planned to get to York, NE and see if storms would fire. We noticed a outflow boundary working its way up toward us so we decided to stop and see if storms would fire along the boundary. Sure enough storms began to fire to se headed a few miles south west to get right up on them. Shortly after we saw a brief funnel. Following the funnel a beautiful slender white funnel came about 3/4th to the ground and then noticed it briefly caused a spin up. After that we the storm got in front of us so we tried to go north and get back to I80 to head east to get back in front of the storm. Just as we were nearing the Bradshaw exit we saw the dust swirl just north of the highway. We exited and followed the storm stopping a few times to film. This was streamed live and was seen on The Weather Channel and WOWT-Omaha live. The tornado grew and became a nice stove pipe and was on the ground for at least 15 min. We tried to keep up with the tornado and then we ran into down power lines crossing the road and were unable to pass and were forced to back track. The storm end up getting away from us and once we were able to catch back up the storm lost its intensity and died. We went then to Fremont to celebrate over a dinner when we noticed half the city did not have power and then we saw many down tress. Later we found a weak tornado went through there as well.

· Tornadoes: 2

· Miles: 380

· States: NE

· Hail: Quarter

5-23-11 & 5-24-11 Oklahoma Outbreak

Jeff and friends left Omaha, NE at 7:30am on Monday to our target of Enid, Oklahoma. On the way down, we stopped through Reading, KS to evaluate the damage where a EF3 tornado went through just 2 days before. We then continued to Enid, OK to wait for storms to fire. There in Enid, Jeff discovered internet card was acting up and would connect and disconnect every few minutes only allowing for updates here and there. We soon got an update to show storms were developing to our south west. Jeff then decided to head west. We then met up with a Severe storm to our south west and watch it as it turned tornado warned and spun a few funnels. One of the funnels we noticed to be persistent and start to near the ground. Jeff decided to blast west to get closer to the rotation that was near us. The funnel was about 3/4th to the ground but we were blocked by trees to see if there was ground circulation. Later we learned that there was indeed ground circulation so was out 1st tornado of the day which was just North West of Okeen, Oklahoma. Storms shortly after began to turn into a MCS mess. Jeff then decided to blast south to intercept a isolated cell in hopes that it would become severe or tornado warned. Jeff met up with the storm just east of Greenfeild, OK. We were then blasted with 60mph sand filled inflow. The storm looked to produce a brief spin up so we blasted toward it. We stuck with the storm until it later died, only producing a few funnels. We then headed to Stillwater to spend the night and get ready for a big day.

Tuesday we had lunch at Eskimo Joes and then blasted west for looked to be a early show. Jeff intercepted the first tornado warned storm of the day near Oakwood, OK. The storm had a nice wall cloud and we filmed it for a good while. It didn’t seem to have much rotation at the time. When the storm neared, Jeff decided to blast east on a dirt road since hwy 270 only lead to the north west away from the storm. The dirt roads were so bad and tall trees prevented any visual of the storm. Jeff was forced to go back to hwy 270 and head north west until we could reach the next east option which was hwy 51 to Canton. By the time we reached hwy 51, the storm was already to our north east and all we could see was rain. It was then we learned the was a large tornado over Canton Lake. Jeff tried to get back in position to get a visual but by the time we did, the tornado had dissipated. We stuck with the storm in a long line of chaser convergence, and it soon produced a nice rope tornado that lasted about 5 min. The storm began to die shortly after that. Jeff then decided to blast south east to intercept the tornadic cells coming out of OKC area. We were not able to make it in time to see the Guthrie tornado, but we intercepted the storm at Stillwater, OK. By then all we could see was a rain wrapped wall cloud. After the storm was done we went to Guthrie to see the extent of the damage. After that we then headed back the long drive back to Omaha, NE making it back at 4am.

· Miles: 1550

· States: KS, OK

· Hail: quarter

· Tornadoes: 2

5-21-11 Brianard, NE Tornado Storm

Jeff and Brian headed out after Jeff was able to get out of work to a tornadic cell that was near Schuyler, NE. On our way, a tornado was reported. By the time we got there the storm was dying. We then headed south west to storms that were developing near York. Storms continued to the north east as we continued to meet up with them. Once we got to the southernmost one it went tornado warned. As we pulled up, a beautiful wall cloud was seen. The rotation on the storm did not last very long and the storm soon gusted out.

· Tornadoes: 0

· Miles: 350

· States: NE

· Hail: Half dollar

5-19-11 North Central Kansas

Jeff, Brian, and friends headed south from Omaha, NE around 8:30 am. Our original target was near Pratt, KS. We noticed storms firing to the north and to our south. So we decided to chase the north storms since they were closer to the triple point and on the way back to Omaha. The choice ended up being the correct one with storms going tornado warned. We met up with the storm near Russel, KS. The motion was insane and numerous funnels were seen. There was a ton of traffic as well due to chaser convergence. The storm then started to die and a new one develop to the south. On our way to chase that storm we noticed a fire. We went to check it out and saw it was a shed on fire due to a lightning strike. After we made sure everyone was ok and fire department was on their way, we continued to intercept the storm just north of Salina, KS. On the way there we noticed rapid inflow and a funnel began to come down. We decided to blast east to get closer but on the way we were completely blocked by trees. By the time we cleared the trees the funnel was gone. Later we learned there was a brief tornado from that but we missed it. We then continued to chase the storm till dark.

· Miles: 850

· States: NE, KS

· Tornadoes: 0

· Hail: Quarter

5-12-11 Bradshaw, NE Tornado

Well we didn’t anticipate much of a risk for today but kept an eye out on the weather. Seemed like if storms did fire it would be another cold core set up. Around 1:30 a tornado watch was issued followed by storm initiation. Jeff and Brian decided to head out. We blasted west toward York, NE. At that time there was a nice tornado warned storm near Grand Island, NE but heading to the North West. Our hope was that storms firing closer to us would go tornado warned as well. While we were close to York, a high based funnel was seen. Jeff reported the funnel and the storm went tornado warned shortly after. We continued to the west near Bradshaw, when we saw the high based funnel make contact with the ground. It was very weak but took on an amazing shape bending back toward the east. Soon it bent so much that the circulation was cut off and the tornado died shortly after. We continued to chase and were at one point surrounded by 3 tornado warned storms. We just had to sit and watch each direction. We saw a few more funnels but nothing else touched the ground. The storms we becoming MCS mess so we tried to get a one near Stormsburg, NE that was kind of isolated. On our way we heard the report of a tornado, but by the time we got into position, all we could see was a dying funnel. After that we blasted to the south east and intercepted a Tornado warned storm near Seward, NE. The storm quickly became part of the MCS mess and we headed back toward Omaha.

· Miles: 380

· States: NE

· Tornadoes: 1

· Hail: dime

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