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4/8/13 Eastern Colorado


Jeff & Nate left Omaha in the morning and had brunch in Salina, KS at Cozy Inn which is one of Jeff’s favorite stops for burgers. They then went to the KS/CO boarder. The guys then caught a storm southwest of Burlington, CO. This storm then went severe, but was high based for awhile. Jeff & Nate let the storm overtake them to get a timelapse of it as it approached. Hail was penny size at best. They then noticed a strong severe storm to the north and decided to go after that. Near dusk the storm went tornado warned. Low light and blowing dust made it extremely hard to see the base of the storm as it approached them. They followed the storm into Wray, CO in the dark, and then headed home as the storm weakened.

  1.   States: NE, KS, CO   
  2.   Miles: 1221
  3.   Hail: Penny 
  4.   Tornadoes: 0

5/27/12 Newman Grove, NE Tornadoes

Jeff, Brian and Nate headed out from Omaha at 3:00 after Jeff got done with work. We targeted over near Columbus because the dew point and temp spreads down south were too great for tornadoes. We made it in time to catch 3 tornado warned storms. The first one died so we went south and caught the next one, which produced 2 brief tornadoes north of Council Grove, NE. We also saw many gustnadoes with this storms. We took a break for dinner and let a line of storms come to us and then we caught our 3rd tornado warned storm just at dusk but didn’t get it to produce.

  • · Miles : 342
  • · States: NE
  • · Hail: dime
  • · Tornadoes: 2




5/25/12 Russell, KS Tornadoes





Jeff and Sam headed out early in the morning to central NE since Jeff had work in the area in the morning. After Jeff was done we headed south into KS. Noticing the clearing was further to the south east we continued down. CU field soon developed and storms intensified. Soon we were on the 1st tornado warned storm. That storm soon died and we then caught another storm just to the south which produced a great wall cloud. Soon a stove pipe tornado came down and then transitioned into a stunning rope tornado in the sunset. We met up with fellow TRC chaser Brian, and he went down to the southern storm as we stayed with this one. Our storm soon produced another tornado near Russell at dark which hit a house. Brian in the mean time was getting some awesome night time tornadoes further to the south.

  • · Miles : 530
  • · States: NE, KS
  • · Hail: dime
  • · Tornadoes: 2




5/19/12 South Central  NE Gustnadoes

Jeff and Brian left from Omaha and targeted storms in south central NE. We intercepted two different tornado warned storms. We saw numerous wall clouds, and a ton of gutsnadoes, but now tornadoes this day. However we did get a gustnado intercept in the car which was exciting.


  • · Miles : 310
  • · States: NE
  • · Hail: dime
  • · Tornadoes: 0




April 14, 2012 Byron, NE Tornado

April 14th was a High risk day for Nebraska and Kansas. Jeff’s original target was down south in Kansas, but when the high risk came out for Nebraska too Jeff decided to stay to be in WOWT viewing area if things should form nearby. We intercepted the first tornado warning of the day in Nebraska just west of Byron, NE. We saw a brief tornado come down and continue its way for us. We got out of its way as it was lifting and got stuck in the mud on a low maintained road. This put us behind the storm and out of position to catch more stuff later that day. The warm front stalled and never made it up into Nebraska which produced many tornadoes in Kansas instead.


  • · Miles : 450
  • · States: NE
  • · Hail: quarter
  • · Tornadoes: 1



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